Tracy Kostenbader - December 2016

In ABDICATE I was first thinking about Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's emails about the Laquan Mcdonald police shooting and feeling that he should resign. Now, this thought also includes Trump’s racist fascism and that he should not be president. I received assistance from 2 children, Ezel & Etzi Valdovinos, who painted the cat and tic-tac-toes during AnySquared’s Studio Day. I also used stencils to build up a texture and then drew in the the fork while thinking of the phrase “put a fork in it.” Those are my word associations and I hope people interpret it for themselves. In ADVOCATE, the word came last, and I was thinking that It is time to fight for each other and for all of us. The SCREWED stencils came post election as I see we have a long fight ahead of us, and also thought about screws as hardware that hold things together. Finally, the circles on the glass are meant to focus on different parts of the installation as you walk by.

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