Helene Smith Romer - June 2015

“We were then living in a world that nobody with any sensitivity could accept or approve”….Hannah Hoch, Artist/Dadaist…@1920

The Gift Shop: An Homage

What is the best thing about visiting the museum besides the art that one has come to see? Yes, it is the gift shop, filled with a collage of sparkling treasures of objects of desire. All appealing to one’s sense of wanting and possessing. Indeed passion, as Walter Benjamin observed, is an obsession and collecting is the obsession of memories. Yet memories are not only individual but also collective. The Gift Shop from The I Due Art 4 You Museum is the unofficial historical diary of America.  Upon examination of these items, one unexpectedly discovered another America – its violence, bias and inequality – integrated with the nostalgia of recollection. Indeed, these items(coined “Pop Alreadymades” by Madame S. Harry founder of the museum) are mass-produced objects – poetic icons, modern day hieroglyphics – that record in an unorthodox manner the precise and authentichistory and ideology of society.

Helene Smith – Romer’s imagery has its lineage and spirit in the Dadaist movement of the early 1900’s. As she has written “I must have been born a Dadaist, a moderate one, its seems to be hopelessly embodied in my heart.  It is an attitude toward the absurd mingled with a humorous disrespect for the status quo…” Smith-Romer continues to investigate and probe the possibilities and construction of the medium of collage itself. The Gift Shop: An Homage continues her pursuit and orchestration of chance, synchronicity and play. Yet Smith-Romer’s work is also a reflection: Do we not exist amidst the atmosphere of chaos and tragedy happening at a reckless and uncontrolled pace?  Art On Armitage provides a site for investigation of these items, a focal point for reflection and contemplation of humanities past and future. Should one laugh or cry or remember?

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