Alison Whitmore and Jackie Berridge - April 15 2011

Week 1:   APRIL 15 through APRIL 22, 2011

Collaborative performance:  Mural Drawing

In the Art Window:   Jackie and Alison will work collaboratively on mural drawings, combining their studios practice with “live performance‟.  The starting point is the Chicago cityscape and its inhabitants. Jackie will create anthropomorphic beings which will represent a range of individuals both observed and imagined.  Alison will focus on reflecting the city, observing the world outside the window as it unfolds.

The melding of subject matter, methods and approach in large-scale on-site drawings will be simultaneously challenged and enriched by collaboration, with the process experienced by a transient audience passing by on the street.

 Week 2:   April 23 through 29, 2011

David Manley and Sookyoung Huh


Sookyoung and David both use photography as a vehicle for exploration, focusing on detailed, close-up observations to examine larger human issues.

David uses digital manipulation to re-imagine walking sticks for an imaginary journey through “The Windy City.”   “I’ve never been to Chicago, nor even the States, so have no real perceptions of it.  But through the internet, I can now walk “virtually‟ down West Armitage and peer into the windows, take a hike towards Lincoln Park, maybe walk the Lakefront Trail – and get some kind of sense of place.” 

Sookyoung’s photos are concerned with the memories, traces and encounters that currently shape her life.  Using bits of hair she collects from people,  her work raises the question ‘Is this Art?” by placing overlarge focus on the minutia of everyday life.

“My aim in the Core project is to explore the touching detail of human life, with its poignant cycle of growth, maturity and decline.  All as witnessed in a strand of hair”.

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