Jack O'Hearn- IV - July 2014

Believing in Monsters

In this installation,  Jack O’Hearn IV explores the lasting affects of one’s cultural upbringing, while appealing to the nostalgia of anyone who grew up in the 70’s or 80’s. The gallery’s storefront window space is converted to another era with a decor of wood paneling, old TV’s, radios & toys. Hung on the paneled wall are masks, sculptures and jewelry that reference collectible objects, yet seem overtly inauthentic. All the while, the TV stations continue to alternate between static and incredibly tense scenes of fear from children’s movies. For the viewer, what begins as remembrance and nostalgia, ends as a creepy and elusive dream. For O’Hearn, this represents the state of mind when something studied and learned becomes entangled with subjects from our cultural past, where the real and the imagined become increasingly difficult to distinguish.

Believing in Monsters explores our inability to distinguish the real from the imagined and how this affects our fear of others.

“Believing in Monsters is a composite of images that have run through my mind when learning about subjects outside my personal experience. It represents the state of mind when learned knowledge becomes entangled with my own cultural history, where the real and imagined become difficult to distinguish.”

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