Jane Michalski - April 2012

Encaustic Paintings 

Non-Representational Art intrigues me because of what I see as this paradox:

That which seems to depict nothing in particular, can actually hold everything. 

This idea of “nothing” leading to “everything” reflects my understanding of the mysteries within my life’s journey.  As I am painting I consider opposing forces of control/spontaneity, light/dark, horizontal/vertical and the interplay of colors that harmonize or contrast.  Encaustic painting can be both fluid and solid.

My art contains basic structures, layers, fragments and edges.  I explore these components intuitively. This structure undergoes a metamorphosis from the planned to the unplanned as the layers of wax are scraped, smoothed, and incised. Layering, scraping and scoring become metaphors for time and memory within the paintings.

 I work intuitively to build complexity and nuances of color and texture.  At some point, accidental effects occur.  Either they happen spontaneously, or I work in a way that is less controlled and seek to bring them about. This way of working is intended as a metaphor for the divergence between human intellect and emotion.  The transformation from controlling our emotions to letting go is one that can occur spontaneously in ways that are unpredictable.

 As I work on each painting I am bringing the separate elements together to create a whole. The ultimate meaning remains purposefully open-ended.  For me, embracing these unpredictable discoveries reflects reality more clearly than what could be expressed through a closed narrative or concept.

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