Kristin Abhalter - December 2012

One Trillion Thirty Billion to One Trillion Four Hundred and Fifteen Billion

My sculpture-making practice began by covering found-object plaster animals with glitter from a growing collection of colored powders and pigments.

The dazzling color and reflective light of glitter is uniquely compelling.  I choose to work with this irresistible material because of its association with joy and optimism.

I began to wonder how this material would illuminate an object with strong symbolic meaning. Observance of the 10-year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan in September 2011 provided inspiration to complete this larger-than-life-size figure modeled on a plastic toy soldier.  

The sculpture is over 6’ tall, made of foam, acrylic, plaster, resin and over 10 lbs. of glitter.

This installation is dedicated to organizations working towards peace.

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