Melissa Jay Craig - September 2012


"The forms and placement of fungi and lichens often suggest languages to me, perhaps messages conveyed by coexistent species that humans are unable, unwilling or too intellectually arrogant to decipher, messages concerning our beleaguered planet."

The message here is S.O.S.,  • • •  – – –  • • • , spelled out in Morse Code, a language of dots and dashes used torepresent letters.  It is an international distress signal, meaning “I need help.” (SOS = “Save Our Ship”, an electronic signal sent out when a ship at sea was in trouble.)

The artist makes her own paper from plant fibers. Here she uses kozo, the inner bark of a mulberry tree, and abaca, a fiber from the stems of banana leaves.  She uses this medium because it is not destructive to the environment.

The forms she represents here are plants called cup fungi which often grow in burnt, wasted environments.  Melissa presents a call from nature that it is in distress, and needs to be rescued from human destruction.

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