Peyton Rack - August 2013

Orchestra of Overkill

This painting was made from a photomontage of pictures I took with my phone of concocted spectacles like Macy’s window displays and neighbors’ yards strewn with Christmas lights.       

The qualities of the staged and synthetic are very intriguing. They beg the question, “why?” I am interested in extravagance, but cannot fully have contempt for extravagance because I enjoy it to a point. Sometimes, I ignore this contempt when I work; I cake on paint, suffocate with sequins, and blind with gold. The contempt always returns. Just like when one eat too many sweets, one must stop to digest. This is similar to what happens with my painting process. Many people I have encountered, and the society in which I live, look at endless indulgence or desire and have negative reactions. There is something terrifying about the thought of a loss of control; loss of the sense of knowing when something is overdone. A painting itself can even contribute to this display of temptations.

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