Sonja Carlborg - September 2013

Dukkha: Paper Doll of Suffering

Dukkha is a Buddhist term for suffering or unease, the state of anxiety endemic to the human condition.  Known as the First Noble Truth, Dukkha is the condition Buddhists believe we must accept as true before we can begin the path to redemption.

Dukkha is an adult interpretation of a favorite childhood pastime. For those unfamiliar with paper dolls, the tabs are usually folded under to hold the outfit, or persona, on the doll.  I have left them extended here.

References are drawn from philosophy, art history, anthropology, literature, botany, and many other disciplines, as well as my own life experience. The goal is 100 personas, a reference to The Hundred Dresses, a children’s book by Eleanor Estes. Originals are not for sale.  For prints, contact the artist.

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