DirtyCityPigeon - August 2011

My art is social commentary that touches on issues dealing with the negative effects of corporate America and those who struggle against social injustice created by those in the corporate sector.

I have noticed that nation states as well people are either accepted or rejected depending on what media outlet they have been perceived through. However, only a few media corporations own most of the media outlets we get our news from. So those who fight for social justice can be marginalized and perceived as enemies or villains by those in power. In many cases it’s the corporations who are the true enemy of the people.

By using comic books and poster art I generate my own media outlet upon which I launch my own news and propaganda. My art gives a voice to those who don’t own their own magazine, news station, or magazines.

My influences include the mural and street art of Chicago, Marvel Comics, Unifikation Media, and the revolutionaries and activist of the past and present. 

My illustrations and prints are given life and color by use of Silk Screen and Intaglio inks. I chose these inks because they provide the brighter more vivid colors often seen in posters, and comic book art. Since both comics and posters are prints it lends well to the printmaking medium.

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