Fred Holland - April 2010

“ A que hora termina?”        “when does it end?”

This piece was created to recognize the destructive effects of America’s unsustainable and unwinnable “war on drugs.”

For over 40 years America has poured its resources into a conflict that has propped up foreign governments that have violated human rights, and made criminals out of individuals at home who are guilty of nothing more then smoking a plant whose medicinal, spiritual and recreational use has been know for centuries.

Now Mexico is at the epicenter of the conflict. As American dollars and guns flow south the country is engaged in an internal war. The vast profits to be made in the cultivation, and trans-shipment of illicit drugs has produced millionaire thugs, corrupted officials, caused thousands of deaths and torn the fabric of Mexican society apart.

Now is the time to decriminalize Marijuana and to begin a serious re-examination of our entire drug policy.  

If not now, when?