Julia Gilmore - January 2010


The photographs in this window were taken during a trip to China where I created a Land Art project for an environmental organization near Tianjin.  While busy with the project, I was constantly photographing everything around me.

My travel companions and I started playing a game.  When we traveled to a new place, we tried to imagine what to expect.  We were always surprised:  we couldn’t conjure up these new realities.  We did the same thing when eating.  This, I would say, is sure to be sweet.  It looks bright-colored and sugary, but invariably it would be the opposite, spicy and hot or indescribable.

Arriving in a completely foreign environment, we realize that our perception, and with it our own reality, lies between what we think we perceive and what is really there, between the experiences we carry with us and the experiences we discover.

With these photographs, I have tried to touch on this moment of perception lying between seeing and understanding, juxtaposing blurred and clear images. Looking at a blurred image we imagine what is there and are often surprised when this thing comes into sharp focus. Our perception changes again when objects are taken out of their context, put into connection with the familiar, cut off or brought into movement.