Javier Lara - July 2010

"Between Three Nations”  

This multi- media installation is part of a series of collaborations I have been creating with my mother: as nomads we have dealt with issues of displacement throughout our lives. In the middle of this installation there is an image of a landscape including iconic buildings from different cities around the world in which we have traveled or lived, to create an ideal dream landscape. 

I am a son of the Américas. Growing up among different cultures has colored my life and in turn has influenced my creative process. I create environments that pull viewers into fantastic and seductive experiences. I am interested in building collaborations with communities--artists as well as with their audiences. I call attention to social and current events in my work. I create narratives that can be followed by the viewer through exquisite visual images, non-verbal sound, fragmented events, the erotic flavor of my culture, the passion and comic man in the subject matters. The intention of the installations is to evoke memories, associations, discomfort, anger and to provoke conversations that evoke subconscious and conscious thoughts as well as a call for action toward changes that will stop the cruelty and madness that is destroying us all. 

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