Laura Ann Davis - July 2009

Cats inspired by Cats

Cats Inspired by Cats is a sculptural portrait of a colony of feral cats once cared for by the artist. The work celebrates the resourcefulness of these so-called “alley cats” and points to their scrappy individuality by using a variety of reclaimed materials and improvised construction methods.

“When something once valued, such as a pet, is no longer wanted and is discarded, it transforms into something that appears dark or menacing.  Domesticated animals that have retuned to a wild state tend to exemplify the aspects of that animal that people usually find unsavory.  I am attracted to these particular kinds of dirty.  This is what I refer to as the patina of the discarded.  In this installation, I structurally approximated one of Chicago’s feral animal population and their living conditions.”

“I attempt to approach all art objects as part of our material culture -- not above or beyond the