Pate Conaway - October 2009

Weave – An Exploration of Materials

A number of years ago I worked in a nursing home and something happened that dramatically influenced my art – the women there taught me how to knit! I began to explore the medium; knitting with cord, string, rope, and even wire. I created a huge pair of knitting needles (four feet long) and began translating the knitting patterns that I had been taught into large sculptures. I spent a month knitting a pair of cable-stitch mittens large enough to sleep in, which I did! My question was: Where do craft and art overlap?

In this current installation I use a technique that is something between knitting and crocheting. Instead of knitting needles or a crochet hook, I use my fingers. I have chosen array of materials from the hardware store. My goal is to transform these inert materials, to transcend the everyday.