Þórdís Alda Sigurðardóttir, Iceland - September 2009

Being (s) here

Jobs, customs, conduct, repetition, contrasts and the symbiosis of man and nature:  my works have diverse references and I want them to speak directly and frankly to the observer.  In some works I use question and answer.  The discussion throws light on the quest for knowledge, conditions, choices and conclusions.

The piece Being ( s ) here includes approaches which tend to typify my work, such as bundles of fabric, string, sewing threads and wires.  What is seen here is the ephemera of a performance piece done in Vilnius, Lithuania this summer.

Reusing objects in my work is another aspect of the ideology and philosophy I have chosen to apply and examine.  Irony has sometimes been mentioned as a feature of my work, although it is not a conscious aspect of the creative process for me. I see it as an added extra.

What are we asking today, and what answers are we receiving?

Being ( s ) here asks where we are going.

Being ( s ) here is perhaps a naive dream that the earth may be permitted to survive.

Being ( s ) here is about metamorphosis and development. How far have we progressed towards becoming what we should one day be able to be? When will we emerge fully-formed from our cocoon? When will we wake up? Will we wake up?

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