Sara Massarik - March 2009

These acrylic paintings present a mythological landscape of Fantastic and Gruesome Goddesses - an imaginary place dominated by graceful, spectacular and sometimes cruel goddesses, replete with their pets, accessories, allies and servants, weapons, fears, hobbies, and aspirations. My sources of inspiration come from many types of art, including surreal and fantasy art, folk arts of Africa and South America, and 19th century movements including pre-Raphaelitism, symbolism and romanticism.

I am a self-taught artist, reinventing myself after nearly two decades of soul-crushing work in business. I earned an MBA in Finance and Strategy from the University of Chicago and worked as a corporate banker, warehouse manager, and project and systems manager. These experiences have given me little guidance in how to paint or compose a picture, but gave me the discipline to learn new things with passion - such as the many movements in the history of art, how to develop my own style of cartoon-like figure and landscape drawing, and the brush control necessary to paint intricate designs.