Suvi Konttinen, Helsinki, Finland - March 2007

I get the ideas to my paintings from everyday life; I react to things around me. Most of them originate from a strong feeling I had about something, like domestic violence, racism, polluting the environment, poverty, or being a foreigner in another country.

The viewer usually experiences my paintings as strong - or even violent – but the main subject the viewer sees might be very different from mine. I like to leave a freedom to feel and to interpret. I am not trying to make everyone experience what my experience was.

My paintings are between abstract and representative. I use faces and especially the eyes as a way to communicate my idea to the viewer. I think my paintings can be experienced both as abstract and representational. I use stenciled text as a structural element as well as another way to represent my idea.

I love to paint on large canvases and build up layers with mixed media, collage and combining painting and drawing. I want to paint what is at the same time aesthetically and intellectually appealing to me.