Christopher Dureno Thomas Plum - April 2007

Christopher Dureno

Copper Grove (right window    Fruit (left window)

This is how I learned to solder. I can't guarantee that these joints hold water but I think they make nifty shapes. I've walked up and down the plumbing aisle at home depot for years wondering how I could put these tubes into a piece. Then I found the pressure plug. And I guess I’ve always marvelled at the beauty of the log while stacking firewood. Copper and wood, fascinating in a raw sense. I see it as a cross between chipotle wall hangings and sprinkler art. It is midwest style, simply done in a basement on a sunday afternoon. Enjoy.


Thomas Plum

Hold (center window)

Medicine plays a prominent and pervasive role in our culture. From the recommended ‘check-ups’ many people dread to the potential discovery of an illness they never knew they had. For the sick, the ubiquitous orange pill bottle might signal relief, restoration, or relaxation through pills, tablets and capsules.  Darker readings may include dependence, a high-risk lifestyle, or fragility. My recent sculpture ‘Hold’ is a six-foot tower made of pill bottles. To hold-out, hold-up or hold-in?