Austin Special Artists- March 2006


Austin Special was founded in 1953 by a group of parents as a community-based social service agency.  Today the agency offers a variety of services from job training to residential programs that serve a population of over a 100 physically and developmentally challenged adults who live mostly in the west side of Chicago.

The Art Program is almost ten years old.  Twice a week I meet with 20 to 30 artists from the Work Center.  The artists range in age from 30 to 75 and work in a variety of mediums and sizes.  The idea of the windows came with one of the clients who saw other artists using discarded windows as canvases.

The windows selected for this show are a representation of the art that is produced at Austin Special.  The installation is based on the idea of a mosaic of places, people and interests that reflects the different artists participating in this project.