Charlie Spear - July 2006

Good Boy/Bad Boy

An Account of Manic/Depression

My work is two-pronged, ranging from the humorous and absurd to the

dark brooding of introspection.

Even though I take prescribed meds my work slips out between the cracks of my calm exterior. I have always been a manic /depressive and would not want to change to be 'normal'. The 'tip-point' on my work thrives on this duality.

I met an artist from Mexico, Lucia Maya.She too was manic-depressive. She had a profound influence on my work in accepting this duality as a font of creativity. These duality components are socio-personal actions-reactions vs the comical absurdities in life.

I want viewers to see a reflection of their own pitfalls and concerns, bringing recognition that we all are in the same condition and share that duality together.