Danny Mansmith - June 2006

I use the sewing machine as a tool to put materials together, sort of like a collage. The idea of juxtaposition is really exciting to me, and I try to push myself to mix together different materials.

The idea of collage for me is sewing together paper, like junk mail, old newspapers and receipts, and other everyday items with fabric to make a number of pieces such as dolls; household objects, like cups and tea pots; to abstract shapes and garments that are not meant to be worn. 

My affinity for the human figure has inspired me to make clothing. I see clothing as sculpture and art, and by experimenting and using mistakes that happen I sew together patch worked pieces of fabric to make up garments that I think appear to be more like sculpture or art rather than just a garment.

I find the process of making things with my hands in a improvisational manner really satisfying.

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