Elizabeth Granton - November 2007

"Spontaneity and impulsivity inspire the creation of my art, with risk-taking done in the heat of the creative moment. Exhibitions include the Athenaeum Museum of Art and Design in Schaumburg; the Du Sable Museum of African American History; the Chicago Cultural Center; "Free Expression Art," New York. Publications include The Chicago Tribune, World Magazine, Pioneer Press, Chicago Sun Times, and Chicago Public Radio 91.5."

My art is made without restraints in materials and processes. It explores a wide range of materials, mostly found objects that I collect at thrift shops. I use common household objects that people can readily identify with, to communicate my subjects: my everyday living experiences, my relationships, my emotions and feelings, and feminist/gender related issues.

y palette has been changing from the full spectrum of color to a limited use of color and gray. I find gray to be peaceful; expressing stillness and calm.