Claudia Bucher - December 2006

Claudia Bucher explores multiple individualities through layered self-portraits.  Long vertical charcoal drawings on paper rolls hang in the front gallery window, filling the space with a crowd of figures.  Bucher, a Swiss Artist in a four month residency in Chicago, untilizes charcoal affixed to a long stick, allowing her to feel the process of drawing using her whole body.  The figure drawings hang in disordered layers in the window like rows of people, moving in and out of view of patrons walking by.

On the 21st of January, Claudia Bucher will have a performance in collaboration with musician Paul Giallorenzo.  Bucher will tap and scrape out drawings with a microphone installed at the end of her drawing tool (developed with sound designer Christian Kuntner).  Giallorenzo will respond to the drawing sound, creating a dialog between the artist and the musician.