Marcy Sperry - December 2007

In my work I try to examine the political and social factors that shape my immediate world as well as our society at large. I start working by first looking critically at my surroundings, asking questions, and listening to multiple points of view. It's a process that involves communication and often collaboration with others. I then synthesize these findings into visual constructions and multimedia works that hopefully can serve as a means to start dialogue and critical inquiry into the communities and systems we live within.

Recently I have been working almost exclusively with recycled materials, primarily the fabrics and cast-off clothing (especially t-shirts with graphics) found in thrift stores. For years, t-shirt graphics have been a means of publicly conveying membership, participation, and the attitudes of the wearer. By taking fragments of these messages and reassembling them, they become a kind of lexicon to convey new cultural meanings that explore class, power, conflict, dysfunction, and joy.

I am strongly influenced by the DIY craft movement that has proliferated in the U.S. since the 90s as well as other forms of (so-called) "women's art." I am interested in exploring how traditional materials and techniques such as quilting, knitting, needlework, and textiles can be used to realize process-based conceptual endeavors. 

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