Rose Camastro-Pritchett and Thomas Plum - October 2006

“But can you get there from here?”

Look inside the glass window of Art on Armitage Gallery at 4125 W. Armitage during October to see Rose and Thomas as they map out their trip in this interactive journey with an installation and performances every Friday from 6:30 to 8:00.  Rose and Thomas invite adults and children to join them on this journey.

The artists are graduates of Columbia College Chicago. Thomas received his MA in 2002 with a concentration in sound and video installation. Rose earned her MFA in 2003 with an emphasis in performance, installation and artists books. Both teach at Columbia College

Rose has exhibited and performed her work internationally. Travel has been a big part of her life; she has lived in Wales and Saudi Arabia and taught in Italy and Cyprus. This is her third performance and installation at Art on Armitage. "Because of its location there is a direct and fresh interaction with the viewer which has become instrumental in the growth of my work. The gallery is very much a part of the neighborhood and it is great fun to perform there."

Thomas lives in the neighborhood and is excited to show his work here. He too has traveled extensively and is particularly interested in the mapping of physical and mental spaces. His work has recently been exhibited at the Santa Fe Art Institute and in the Hyde Park Art Center's Sound Canopy Project.