Stephanie Rond, Columbus, OH - June 2005

Paintings; acrylic on canvas

I created these paintings to reflect women’s experience in the 1950’s and how that era of American history has impacted the role of women today.

Although I was not alive in the 1950s, I can remember growing up in the 1970s hearing about this time from older generations.  I watched the old sitcoms such as Leave It To Beaver and listened to adults discuss this “perfect world.”  As I grew older I came to understand the hidden truths of that time. Not only did the 1950s stereotype women, but oppression was occurring with race, religion, sexual orientation and political beliefs.  Although American society has made great strides in acceptance, these events and indoctrinated roles influence many aspects of our lives today.

I use authentic images from 1950s textbooks and advertisements.  I tend to use colors that have a false or pastic feel to them to represent the artificial happiness of the time.  The images on first glance are intended to be a sort of happy scene, but taking a closer look, I hope that the viewer contemplates the deeper meaning.

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