Galleria Jänis from Turku, Finland - August 2016


Thematics of the exhibition circle around the nature experience. Some humans are walking on a trail where they encounter different anomalies which question the borders between natural and unnatural. Are these anomalies man-made offspring or are they nature's reaction to change? Either way they write a new chapter into the big book of evolution.

 Exhibition is also about turning trash into pieces of art. A choice of material which mirrors consumer culture and it´s effects on nature as well as the role of the human drain in earth´s biosphere.

 ”Nature Trail” is a counterpart of ”Endless Columns” by Mary Ellen Croteau (Chicago, U.S.A.) which was exhibited in February 2016 in Galleria Jänis, Turku, Finland.

Maja Breife
”Once upon a butterfly”
The beauty of a butterfly is in itself perfect and impossible to copy. Imagine a world where the sight of a wild butterfly wouldn´t exist. How to create a memory of a butterfly?
I have reused empty liquid cartons. Out of them I have cut 410 silhouettes of endangered butterflies. I have sorted them by colour and put them together with strings. They hang in a frame of a lamp. The pillar that they create as insects that pollinate our crops symbolically keeps the sky from falling.
Simo Ruotsalainen
 Man, born like a king into the world. In control of it all, every little whim fulfilled. Only struggle that is left is against infinity. Death which separates him from the gods makes him uneasy and angry. Hungry for more and more he doesn´t consider others but only himself. Nothing is enough and in the end stands disappointment of not having it all.

Simo's leaves are made from foil lids of yogurt containers, painted and cut and scored.

Hans-Peter Schütt
 Multicolor curves and shapes in a water puddle by the supermarket. Black with something shiny that is almost like neon makes a metallic sensation in your mouth. Greetings from raindrops that etch their way through the surfaces that man makes to cover himself.
Nobody thinks in terms of getting wet or staying dry. In fear we wait what will come down from the sky this time.

Hans-Peter's "Pours" are made from old vinyl records.