Anne Hermes - June 2017

This series was born out of an unshakable heaviness which I needed to get out from under.  I had been doing research for a series on World War II, and through that research, was inundated with images of human rights violations, both past and present.

I was unable to think of anything else, and in an attempt to free my mind and move forward, I painted about the images which affected me most.  The titles of the paintings will lead you (through a simple internet search) to the person or persons whose story I painted about.  (L to R: Central Park Five; Jabbari; Missouri; Paparazzi; Shepherd's Fence)

Feel free to contact me for any reason.  Receive 20% off of a commission or painting on the website by mentioning "Art on Armitage" in your email.  You can reach me through the website.  All the best!

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