Jeramy Turner - October 2004

Turner's large paintings are about history, society, power and the abuse of power. They are about America, about the horrors inflicted on this earth by American imperialism. They are simultaneously about the will to transform that which appears immutable.

Turner lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Vacationing In Central America.  1988, oil on canvas   48" x 49""

Cubbies In Nam.  1989,  oil on canvas, 65"  x 61"

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Mary Ellen Croteau - September 2004

oil paintings

American Landscapes

These paintings represent a view of America rarely visited by the myth makers.  It’s right there, but we have a tendency to look right past it.  It’s the place that doesn’t get pictured in National Geographic or written about in Time magazine and doesn’t get sung about in anthems.  It is the bizarre, mundane, ironic, incongruous U.S. that exists everywhere.  It almost always includes some combination of automobile culture, fast food and the ubiquitous cell phone towers. 

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Rose Camastro-Pritchett, Chicago, IL - April 2004

performance, installation

Within Reach     


Created and Performed by 

Rose Camastro-Pritchett

April 12-30, 2004

Working Schedule 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays

Closing Reception, Friday, April 30, following the performance 

Within Reach is a visual tale of a woman dealing with change; adapting to it and creating it. Making a route, measuring time and events, are all part of thisjourney within herself. Questions arise. Can I plan my future? When will I die? Where will I go next? How do I know if I have failed or succeeded? Will I return?

Rose Camastro-Pritchett is a Chicago based multi-media artist whose work has been exhibited or performed throughout the United States, Europe, and the Middle-East. She is President of Camastro-Pritchett Art International Inc. and is on the faculty of Columbia College Chicago.

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Vaughnda Johnson, Chicago, IL - February 2004

mixed media installation

There’s No “I” in Team

For millions the corporate office environment is the new source of the"quiet desperation" Thoreau was pondering over 100 years ago.  Desperation making a huge success of the cartoon Dilbert and the cult movie Office Space.  Many a cubicle across America has a trinket or a cartoon clipping expressing underlying anger at mismanagement and layoff fears, not to mention paper jams and computer meltdowns. 

This project is part of a repeating theme in my work exploring the repressive institutional aspects of the office environment. The language and equipment depicted inside the coffee cups create a landscape of office life that is simultaneously mundane and absurd. The coffee cups paired against the drawings broach questions that I ask myself while I work in my own office job: Why is office daily life approached as seriously as it is? How does an individual cope within the corporate environment and maintain their humanity and sense of importance? 

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Susan Dupor - February 2004

Dupor is a deaf artist, and she has painted the sound of the hands, the word "Deer" and "Water". She is from Kenosha, Wisconsin

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