Anne Hermes - June 2017

This series was born out of an unshakable heaviness which I needed to get out from under.  I had been doing research for a series on World War II, and through that research, was inundated with images of human rights violations, both past and present.

I was unable to think of anything else, and in an attempt to free my mind and move forward, I painted about the images which affected me most.  The titles of the paintings will lead you (through a simple internet search) to the person or persons whose story I painted about.  (L to R: Central Park Five; Jabbari; Missouri; Paparazzi; Shepherd's Fence)

Feel free to contact me for any reason.  Receive 20% off of a commission or painting on the website by mentioning "Art on Armitage" in your email.  You can reach me through the website.  All the best!

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Dolan Cyr - May 2017

Memorial for an Art Building

Dolan Cyr is a visual artist, community organizer and social practice artist from St. Paul Minnesota. In the Spring of 2016, the Lowertown art community, where Cyr lives and works, lost its largest studio building to redevelopment.  Cyr created Memorial for an Art Building as a farewell gift to the artist of the JAX Art Building. The series was displayed in the storefront windows during the building’s last month as an art space.  The series honors the different art forms that were practiced and taught at the JAX. One year later, the JAX sits empty and Memorial for an Art Building has become a warning to other communities to guard against complacency and to speak up for the arts.

To contact this artist:  dolancyr.com

Jane Stevens - March 2017

Stevens' black and white photographs capture the magical and spiritual quality a camera can record. These photographs capture the essence and spirit of a place. Using this light sensitive medium, the artist captures a moment in time and the illusive quality of light.
The photographs document approaching storms using infrared film. Storms can bring us sudden and transformative experiences. There is a very energetic and overwhelming energy that precedes a storm. These photographs are metaphors for personal struggles that people experience.

to contact this artist: jstevens@museum.state.il.us

Larry W. Green - February 2017

Larry W. Green graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in 1975.  Larry lives and paints in Logan Square. “From landscapes to the human figure, I find beauty in people, places and things that others would find inappropriate; not to reject what others find different. This is what I try to achieve. Sometimes what makes us feel uncomfortable defines who we are. To find who we are sometimes must explore our dark side. Look deep inside and accept what others might reject”
Larry has published a book of his paintings titled "Water Tanks of Chicago (a vanishing urban legacy)" He has had numerous shows throughout Chicago and the US. Best known for his water tank paintings, he also does nature paintings, landscapes, and birds. He is a passionate outdoorsman, fisherman and bicycle rider. He is also a Kidney transplant survivor.


Judith Mayer - January 2017

Flaunt It

Words can be powerful, deceptive,
persuasive, informative, benign, or
many, many things. As a lettering
artist, how I choose to depict words
can heighten or contradict their

In this piece, I chose the large scale,
bright colors, flowing script and
impermanent materials to add
a big personality to the phrase—
giving it an exuberance.

Using parade float materials gives it a
sense of impermanence. While in the
art world many artists use archival
materials to make their art last as
long as possible, this piece will fade
in the sun, and wilt like a flower as
time passes.

to contact this artist: JudithMayer.com