DOEprojekts - August 2014

Landmark Series “home”

DOEprojekts is a collaborative project of Deborah Adams Doering & Glenn N. Doering

This “home” is for the birds!

DOEprojekts presents an installation which explores the cultural keyword “home,” one of over 100 cultural keywords cited by social scientists as having qualities of “significance but difficulty” in both public discourse and a broad spectrum of academic disciplines.

Here, the keyword “home” is presented as a playful “visual cue” for avian friends, such as homing pigeons, who find their way back to their origin through the use of visual landmarks, smell/odors, the earth’s magnetic field, and the sun’s azimuth.

These four homing methodologies are represented by four repeated signifiers/symbols stenciled directly on the window, accompanied by silhouettes of birds who may (or may not) be looking for their way “home”.

This installation is presented simultaneously with DOEprojekts’ participation in the group exhibition “Avian Spirits” organized by the Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods, Riverwoods, IL.

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