Anna Eyjolfsdottir - April 2016

Are we passive onlookers, or can we have some effect on world events?

We are constantly bombarded with news from distant parts of the globe, with little opportunity to react. Most of us want to help those in need and to assist victims of war or disaster, but we are confused. The news media brings us conflicting information, and most people fear big changes of the world as we know it – or as we think we know it.

“Tread Softly” is an installation whose centerpiece is a large photograph of a group of people against a concrete wall. Each individual is wrapped in bandages, and the bandages link the individuals to one another.

There is more than one side to events. Walls can serve for protection, but also for exclusion. Walls can be built, or they can be torn down. There can be wars, and there can be peace. It may not be possible to predict future events, or to prevent them. But, in the aftermath, one can bandage the wounds and hope for healing to take place. But wounds leave scars. And so do vicious words.

Anna lives and works in Reykjavik, Iceland.