Jacqueline Moses - July 2012


Painting is Jacqueline’s main mode of expression but two years ago she worked on a 

different form of art producing 20 objects named Reliquaries.  Inundated with pleas to

improve the environment, recycle, go green, save energy or help stop global warming

made her think of how she would be able to use recycled materials and reconstruct

them into beautiful works of art.  She took her transparencies (photos now replaced by

digital images) and combined them with many objects she had been saving through the 

years, i.e. pieces of wood and metal, like old organ pipes, and household items like chairs, cribs, mirrors, etc.

Reliquaries are a combination of these “two bodies of things”.  The wood and metal are

the receptacles for the transparencies that have survived but are memorials of

something past.

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Jacqueline Moses - November 2010

Globalization Affects

“Globalization Affects: Peru”, Globalization Affects: Africa" and “Globalization Affects: Korea”  depict forced control imposed upon many and some of the ensuing results.  The intent is to increase public awareness and an interest in exploring ways to deal with aggression in a positive manner.  Acknowledging that a problem exits is the first step in finding a solution.

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