Corinne D Peterson - August 2015

Cairn and Cloud II
a collective expression of trauma and hope

This work is a collaboration by Corinne D. Peterson, director of the Cairn Project; Marsha Baker, co-director; and workshop participants.

The rocks and cloud pieces in Cairn and Cloud were carved and shaped by adults, teenagers and children who participated in Shaping Clay, Shaping Life workshops. They shaped the clay rocks to incorporate their memories of trauma, and created the porcelain “tokens of light” to represent their inner beauty. Viewed together, the dark rocks and white cloud stand for transformation of individual experiences of loss into a collective expression of healing.

On Saturday, August 8th from 4 to 6 pm, BodyCompass Dance Project, directed by Sarah Gottlieb, performs Tones of Belonging during the reception—in, behind and in front of the window.

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